After a talk in Pentonville prison LJ was approached by Rowland Gee, former CEO of Moss Bros, who suggested to add an Athleisure collection to his brand.

Being asked a lot about the prison tracksuit with the Cell Workout logo printed on, he really liked the idea of extending the brand into fashion. The tracksuit, t-shirts and vests will be the base of the Cell Workout Athleisure collection and will be produced in prison. 

To find a designer that can bring the brands vision to life, LJ and Rowland visited Graduate Fashion Week last year. After seeing all proposals they chose Carter, a graduate from Plymouth College of Art, to design the Cell Workout Athleisure collection. 


license opportunity

The athleisure collection is for men and women and is a mixture of active and leisure wear. 

The inspiration for the first collection is taken directly from prison, including colours, architecture, shapes, prison clothing and textures. 

Cell Workout will not attempt to compete with volume providers who use cheap materials but rather make higher quality products instead. 

The Cell Workout ethos will be carried through all aspects of the brand.